DAKOO Industrial Ltd. was established in 2006 by Eden Chen, start with exporting Kitchen Knives and Kitchenwares. From the very beginning, we have firm faith to provide the best purchasing experience to our customers. Our team always have strong passion for this mission, and we have the best quality control team to make sure our customers could receive products with quality beyond their expectation. Thanks to this, we got our customers loyal support and had great steady development since the start. 

By 2008, we found it was not enough just to provide exporting service to our customer. We rent a factory and start production, though there have been a lot of factories in this business at that time, and the competition was fierce. But we believe we have our strong advantage, our team have the sense of mission and great passion, our goal is not only just profit, we hope achieve more.

We made a very good start in factory production. We became stronger and stronger. In 2010, we decided to build our own factory. In 2011, we move in our new factory, start a brand new chapter of our business. 

One thing never change no matter what phase we are, we always have the sense of mission and great passion to provide the our best products and service to our customers. It's why we could survive and have great steady development in the fierce competition. 

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